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About us

Our mission  

Literacy North Halton, which operates as the Adult Learning Centre, is a community based organization providing individualized and group tutoring for adults. We encourage community support and promote literacy awareness.

Our goals

  • To teach adults to read and write in order to bring them to a functional level of literacy
  • To assist adults in determining their long-term goals, as well as assisting them to meet their immediate needs
  • To promote awareness of the problems associated with low literacy in the wider community and to seek community support


In 1986 a group of citizens in Halton Hills recognized the need for a service to help adults improve their reading, writing and basic math skills. By 1987, Literacy North Halton began providing one-on-one tutoring for English speaking adults. Volunteers from the community were trained and matched with students to work in a non-academic, sympathetic environment and help students overcome the barriers of low literacy skills.

After 24 years of community service, LNH changed its operational name to the Adult Learning Centre in 2010.  Adult Learning Centre reflects a history of continuously expanding programming that includes essential skills computer training and academic upgrading.

LNH has made a difference in students’ lives at work, at school, at home and in the community.  

Why do people come to LNH?

Many of our students face communication barriers. They are unable to find rewarding employment, or unable to seek promotion within an organization. Their skills hold them back from achieving goals in the workplace and in the community. We are here to help them reach their goals.

Partners & Sponsors

LNH is only partly funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and needs to fundraise year round. For upcoming fundraisers see the special events and fundraising section where specific sponsorship details can be found.

For more information about our Partners and Sponsors, please refer to our Annual Report.

Privacy Statement

All staff will abide by Literacy North Halton’s privacy statement and practices to ensure that all information gained in respect to learners, tutors, directors or staff members is kept confidential.   Enquiries and complaints about staff handling of personal information should be referred to the Executive Director.

As a charitable, community-based organization, Literacy North Halton is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information provided to Literacy North Halton by learners, volunteers, staff and others will be used to support the work of Literacy North Halton.

In order to offer services and to ensure safety and security to all participants, Literacy North Halton requires personal information from learners, in compliance with Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development requirements. Safeguards are in place to protect the privacy of all participants.  Only authorized personnel have access to such information.   Information is collected only for the purpose appropriate for a charitable, community-based literacy agency.  Information is not sold or shared with third parties.

Literacy North Halton’s procedures and systems are designed to protect information from error, loss, and unauthorized access.   Literacy North Halton assumes implied consent for collection, use and disclosure of personal information as it relates to the work of the agency.  Literacy North Halton monitors compliance with applicable privacy legislation.

Staff, Board members, volunteers, tutors and learners are required to sign a confidentiality agreement which remains in effect during their tenure with Literacy North Halton. 

Customer Service Charter

This charter outlines the standards of service you can expect for our individual clients, volunteers and the general community.

Our Service commitment is to provide:

  • Current information on all programs and services for employment and training in your community
  • A high quality service to our clients, delivered in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Service in a timely manner-responding to phone call queries within 2 business days of receipt
  • Service in a manner that is respectful of your need to make informed choices
  • An environment free from discrimination for staff, clients and volunteers
  • Privacy, by ensuring your personal information is kept confidential, according to our privacy policy.

Communication and Feedback

We encourage you to provide feedback on your experience with us. You may provide feedback to us in the following ways;

We will follow up with your feedback promptly. If you feel your concern has not been resolved you may speak with our Senior Training Coordinator and/or Program Manager as appropriate.

Updated April 2017

Call us to find out more: 905-873-2200